∞ Conscious Media ∞

MISSION: To Empower, Entertain, Educate & Inspire the World through Conscious Media

OBJECTIVE: Entertain while Creating Inspired Impactful ACTION

FOUNDATIONAL THEMES: Deprogram the lies We’ve accepted as truth & Remind us of Our inherent Connection to ALL of Creation

∞ Remembering the Truth of Who WE Are ~LOVE~From which all things Flow effortlessly


  •  Bridging the gap between mainstream media & the Conscious Movement

  •  Making health, Connection & Love the standard way of BEing

  • BE accessible to all using Magik, Fantasy, Sex, Comedy, Action, Drama & Gore

  • Reclaim language to serve the Truth

  • Provide opportunities & resources to Create, Contribute & make an Impact

  • Provide tangible tools for Transformation & Integration into Our Life experiences


    Feature Films:

  • MANA

  • ZOMBIE SEED: Crops of Death

  • AGENTS OF CHANGE: A SuperHero Movie (WIP)




    TV/Episodic Series:

  • Narcis Sisters

  • Lifted, Spiritual Reality Show (Spiritual Real World)

  • All One

  • FameLand,

  • Improv Show

  • BE Human

  • The Teachers

  • Witches in the Kitchen: Alchemical Cuisine,

  • Discover

  • The Solutionaires

Children's Shows:

  • Rainbow Warriors

  • Love Activists

  • House of Love

~ For Information about the infinite opportunities please email: Media@SoSimple.Love ~