Damiana is a Love Guide, also known as a “Love Guru” & Intuitive Holistic Healer.

She serves as a permission slip for ALL to remember... the Truth of who WE are.

She specializes in Love, Relationships & Empowerment by guiding people to experience & integrate True Love, Pleasure & Purpose by transforming the way they see & experience this beautyFull thing called Life.

She is a Ritual Prayerformance Artist & Sound Healer with a focus on the infinite interconnection of all-things & BEings.

Her mission is to INbody unconditional LOVE & reconnect HumanKind to their heart, intuition & sensual energy through reawakening the senses & their inherent Magik.

Simply put, She is here to BE the reflection of Heaven on Earth.

She shares her offerings through One-on-One & Group deprograms, The Sensual Awakening Experience, Retreats, Transformational Speaking, Conscious Content Creation & by releasing her Magikal Musical Medicine to the World.


We call this BEing, LOVE.

LOVE is an ∞ infinite ∞ reminder of Truth & Love.

LOVE is simply the space for all.

As a Divine reflection of the Truth of Who We, LOVE simply offers the Gift of BEing Present.

As a Creator, LOVE Loves & contributes in many forms & ways; from writing, music, film, to guiding live-experiences, to offering One-on-One & Group deprograms, LOVE is actively revealing Heaven on Earth.