~  One-on-One Testimonials ~

Working with Damiana changed my life.

For a really, really long time, I’ve struggled with anxiety, eating disorders, depression and self-image. I’ve seen all types of healers (from therapists to intuitives to life coaches) but none of them made a difference like she did.

I saw things start to shift after just one session with her. She’s so understanding, insightful, and honest. She gave me specific practices I could do every single day, as well as support in my hardest times. I honestly can’t think of any better investment I’ve made in my life.
— Arianna, San Diego
Words cannot even begin to describe how much working with this magical woman has changed my life... my life is almost unrecognizable from when we began.

I used to hide my true feelings in relationships for fear that my honesty may lead to hurt feelings, break downs or even worse, break up. This game of playing small stopped when I began sessions with this love guru. She walked hand in hand with me down the path of uncovering my insecurities, facing off with my blocks with intimacy, and gave me a model for how I could express my feelings and give voice to my desires.

Through this work I have manifested my beloved and am so excited and grateful to be in a romantic relationship that feels like it’s straight out of my wildest fantasy!
Damiana empowered me to put my crown on and reclaim the Queen that I am! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Damiana, from the bottom of my heart!!!

If you have the chance to work with this woman... DIVE IN! This work WILL change your life forever, you’ll experience MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION in every realm... SAY YES to living your dream life!!!
— Ruby, Los Angeles
I have known and worked with Damiana for over 7 years, I’m convinced that her guidance and advice have been instrumental in my personal growth, as well as my overall health and well-being.

Damiana is able to tune in and perceptively guide me to the next level of understanding and growth. As someone who’s entered my Elder/Crone phase of life, I’m beyond satisfied with how patient and supportive she continues to be. She’s been an inspirational presence in my life and clearly, she’s wise beyond her years.

I can’t recommend her services highly enough to anyone seeking growth and healing in their life.
— Lori, Bay Area
Knowing and receiving guidance from Damiana has changed my life in so many areas. Witnessing her relationship to and expression of joy has re-framed my own experience and given me permission to embody my joy more fully in ways I didn’t even know I was withholding from myself. She has also given me great insight into relationships and encouraged me to be open to the relationship that I am currently in! In addition, she has been an amazing nutritional consultant who has gone above and beyond to listen to my specific needs and create an individual care plan. I am so grateful to know her, work with her and learn from her. She has so much to offer!
— Alyssa, Sherman Oaks
Damiana is a true medicine women. Her ability to hold space, tune in, and intuitively feel what needed to be brought to the surface for my spiritual growth has been a blessing.

I would highly recommend her offerings to anyone looking to gain more clarity in their life, transmute old dynamics/patterns, call up their communication, and become the best version of themselves.
Thank you Damiana for shinning your light in my life!
— Julian, Beverly Hills
When I first started working with Damiana I was exhausted, working way too hard building other peoples dreams...
I felt a lack of confidence, almost a disbelief I could actually trust myself enough to go all in on my dreams and work full-time for myself, which would require me to let go of my 9 to 5 assisting other businesses.
Damiana helped me realize that it was time for me live my dreams and share my passions! She helped me to trust myself, follow my heart and take a leap of faith and go all in with my dream business I was building on the side.

I listened to her... I quit my day job, followed my hearts desire, and now BETTER BUTTER CUPS are in many SoCal stores and the lounge is in the making and I am So happy to be working for myself and living my dreams!!! Give thanks to this Powerful Dream weaver, give thanks!!!
— Mallory, Venice
I met Damiana at a beautiful sound bath she curated. I became curious about her feminine energy and the way she expressed herself. We struck up an awesome conversation which led to me booking a powerful intuitive holistic healing session. I remember saying to myself, “I am so glad I invested in this session and that I’m here right now.” It was so worth it. I walked out with new tools to practice daily, a new commitment to myself and my growth, new learnings, clarity as to what I’m calling in, and a renewed sense of confidence in myself. I’m excited I say that I already have another session on the calendar. She’s got fantastic energy, she’s experienced, and she helps you grow.
— Samir, Bali
I went through a painful break up, uncovered some issues I wanted to work on. Damiana helped me examine myself in a loving and supportive way. She taught me some really useful insights or understanding and accepting myself and my experience. I would highly suggest going to her for sessions. She’s really understanding, but also lovingly called me on my issues so I could improve my relationships in every area, including my relationship to myself.
— Wolfie, Hollywood
I highly recommend this woman... Damiana is amazing, trustworthy, kind, and truly supportive of men and women, wherever they are on their path. I was SO blessed by my experiences with her. I didn’t realize that connection for me unconsciously had become a tense and uncomfortable place... the way she guided me into a journey inward into myself was profound, transformative and deeply healing. So grateful for her being such an amazing mirror for me. Thank you Damiana!
— Hart, Bali
Damiana is a beautiful being! I was going through some relationship issues and LITERALLY was seeing her pop up in my dreams and meditations. I booked a session with her after the 3rd time I saw her pop into my dream/meditation states.
I walked in to see her feeling like an emotional mess, and walked out feeling grounded and empowered and ready for change. She gave me some insight that really helped me move out of victim mentality and back into my power, realizing that everything that is happening in my relationships with others is a hologram and that the work starts with me.
I received more and more clarity after the session too as it all started to integrate. It was somewhat of an activation and I continued getting clearer and clearer from the start of the session with her moving forward.
I’m so grateful and am really look forward to attending her womens workshops!
— Devina, Koreatown