~  Sensual Awakening Experience Testimonials ~

“I’m very grateful, the space created is safe, you feel that you can be vulnerable, there is no judgment. My main take aways are to tap more into my intuition to be able to express my feelings without any fear of judgment. Also I like the little bits of scientific or biohacking. If you hug for more than 20 seconds the oxytocin released is like a high. It’s really a pleasure being here, I appreciate the energy, the group, thank you so much!”
— Diego, Spain
“I just let myself Be today... I just surrendered, I let it happen. I had a realization that I had never ever received affection from my father... or mother. I grew up in a very violent home, that’s all I received from them... to experience connection & touch from a man was a trip... but was very healing. I healed my inner abused, unloved child.”
— Jorge, Los Angeles
“I feel incredible! So relaxed and centered and at Peace! I Am Empowered to bring this energy into the work place, ask for what I need and express all concerns and opportunities freely.”
— Kristin, Los Angeles
“It was a major high! I feel lighter in mood & spirit... a tingling. I just wish I could bottle this up and take it with me everywhere, so I just get to keep doing it! I feel great!”
— Shimrit, Los Angeles
“I’m definitely feeling more loose, relaxed and soft. Which is good. I feel light and upbeat!”
— Averan, Los Angeles
“I just feel great!! I feel like I had a breakthrough! I’ve learned to just live in the moment not try to explain things, not try to bend things to the way I want them to Be. There’s no set plan, just let things happen and just let it Be!”
— Mark, Los Angeles
“It’s fantastic I really had to step out of my comfort zone... I did some things that I probably would have never seen myself doing... but I did & I think it’s really worth it!”
— Rene, Los Angeles