Sensual Awakening

Experience the Magik in Person.

Join us for our next juicy, Pleasure-filled exploration.

The Sensual Awakening Series: Explore the Pleasure of BEing Alive
The Sensual Awakening Experience is a Magikal Series created for both “personal”groups as well as corporations.

In this immersive social alchemy series of experiences, we will be guided on an adventure moving from our busy, productive, highly reactive minds, & into Our intuitive, infinitely loving Truth.

Awaken to the power of Our innate sensual energy & tap into Our Limitless Capacity to Experience Pleasure & Love, while connecting deeply with anyone & everyone in the Perfect never-ending moment. 

We will Allow Ourselves to be enraptured by the bliss of inward & outward reflection where "time" no longer exists.

Be witnessed, held, Loved & supported by commUNITY as WE give Ourselves permission to express in whatever way comes through.

Together, We will BE unleashed from the chains, the lies that limit Our Infinite potential.

We will practice Surrender & Loving the perfection of all that WE are.

With this new awareness, the way We experience Life is forever Transformed.

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