Who WE Are

We offer creative, immersive, experiential, in-person & online guided curriculum for all BEings who are ready to experience True Love, Pleasure & Purpose.

We also offer curated opportunities for corporations that are ready to transform & make a real Impact in this beautyFull World.

The deprograms offered are deeply connective, nourishing, radically inclusive.

They gently guide us from our producing, doing, “make it happen” minds, & into the Power of FEELing & BEing in the FLOW.

Back to the State of heART, Body & Spirit. Interconnected. One.

These transformative offerings simply serve as a tool, a Sacred & supportive container where We are given permission & the keys (reminders) to unlock Our True, infinite potential.

∞ Here at SoSimple.Love We accept EVERYTHING & EVERYONE, no strings, no conditions. ∞  

Together, We Remember the Truth;

We Are LOVE, We Are One.