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Love is. We are here to remind you of that.

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Your SoSimple.Love Guides

(The Executives & Board of Directors)


Damiana (Rachel Kadish Bartleman) | Co-Founder

Secretary & Treasurer of the Board

Damiana, the “Love Guru” is a Love Guide and Intuitive Whole-istic Healer.

She is your permission slip to remember who you are. We all have limitless connection to everything and everyone.

Her specialties are LoveRelationships & Empowering Leaders.

When you meet her, you immediately know that she embodies love.

Anchoring Heaven on Earth: Her mission is to reconnect humankind to the infinite power of love, pleasure and purpose.

Love (Justyn Michael Richards) | Co-Founder

President of the Board

Love is a Love Guide and revealer of truths. He brings the gift of being present. As a divine reflection of love, Love models the way of letting go and being still.

He brings peace, love and joy to every interaction.

Love holds space for you to see and be seen, and to transform the way your thoughts and beliefs limit the way you experience life.

He is a writer, producer, and content creator for Conscious Media (music, tv & film) to help bring the SoSimple.Love movement to the world.

Love actively reveals what’s been here all along: Heaven on Earth.


Photo of Blessing coming soon… :)

Photo of Blessing coming soon… :)

Margaret Blessing

Executive Director

Margaret is truly a Blessing and a leader of the SoSimple.Love movement. Her space, Juniper Well Ranch is located on 60 acres of sacred ground in the Prescott National Forest in Arizona.

SoSimple.Love was launched at Juniper Well Ranch, a community gathering space and retreat center. It now serves as a proven model to bring the SoSimple.Love movement to the world.

Margaret is the ray of sunshine that reflects life in all its glory. She brings loving, creating and contributing as she holds space for all to co-create from their place of genius.

She is a creator of experiences and reminder of our infinite capacity to shift & transform. Her genius includes birthing revolutionary companies and technologies, and stewarding the natural beauty of our planet to experience heaven on earth.