The “Online-Fun Stuff”


SoSimple.Love is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, & safety of ALL information enTrusted to us by everyONE! :)

Like all organizations online, SoSimple.Love MAY receive some of that stuff called “data”— for example the browser info from all visitors, like YOU. The data MAY be analyzed for demographics & to determine its use by the analytic software built into this site. :)

No personal information is EVER collected other than what is WILLINGLY provided. Information provided for donations & contributions is located on a secure server provided by third party vendor(s), available upon request, which employs policies & procedures to safely house all information collected. :)

SoSimple.Love will NOT share any INFO, ever! In the rare unlikely substantiated request by the Feds or Law Enforcement, then & only then will some-information BE released as required by law. :)

~ WEaving THE WEBS ~

As a LOVE MOVEment, SoSimple.Love Trusts that WE Rise Higher than WE ever thought WE could When WE do this BeautyFull thing called Life together! That BEing said…We may at some point share links to other places online. “www.SoSimple.Love”has no-thing to do with how the rest of the “Online-World” operates. If you are re-Directed to another website outside of “www.SoSimple.Love” Please NOTE that WE in no way are endorsing, authorizing, sponsoring, nor are WE affiliated with said website unless otherwise stated. :)

When traveling the “InterWeb” or as WE call it, the “Inner-Webs” WE enCourage everyONE to BE Aware of the policies & procedures of ALL websites prior to providing/sharing ANY information. :)


All materials posted on www.SoSimple.Love may be used, downloaded, recreated or printed, provided that SoSimple.Love is explicitly noted. WE do NOT subscribe to the paradigm of “OWNERSHIP” of words or things, WE Simply ask that all content used BE Intentional & Share in the Aim/Purpose/Mission of SoSimple.Love MOVEment to LOVE, Create & Contribute. For Authenticity sake, The text & materials contained in this website may NOT BE altered or edited in any way, unless permission has been granted by the Board of Directors (BoD).

ALL use of the “SoSimple.Love” name &/or its logo, text(s), or graphic material(s) contained herein must BE approved by the Executives &/or BoD. :)


The “interwebs” are not always reliable nor will it ever come with a “guarantee.”~ “www.SoSimple.Love” cannot & does not validate or confirm the “accuracy”of the information contained throughout this website. :)

WE can “probably” “guarantee” that somewhere on this website there will BE “errors” as WE are primarily Focused on the Transformative Magik in the Real-World where WE actually LIVE, BREATHE, LOVE & CREATE & Contribute. :)

~ SHARING & CONNECTING TO “www.SoSimple.Love” ~

The website, “www.SoSimple.Love”(& all of its various URL’s) may BE used/linked to/from another website/platform freely. :)

WE DO reserve the option/right to ASK that it BE removed if the use of it is not in alignment with the Aim/Purpose/Mission of SoSimple.Love. ~ Mahalo for the Kindness, Compassion & Consideration. :)

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